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Autumn Harvest Decorating Ideas

Autumn typically signifies the end of growing season and a time to gather crops in preparation of the colder weather ahead. For Victorians, harvest time was important, particularly if the harvest was a successful one. They celebrated with parties of all sorts: social callings and gatherings, barn dances, and Halloween festivities. Undoubtedly, elaborate decorating was in order for these festive events; barns, yards, and porches were filled with seasonal embellishments.

You may not have barn dances or grand parties in honor of harvest, or even gather crops, but some simple decorating tips can help you truly enjoy the beauty of Autumn.

Outdoor Decorating:

§ Nothing says "Autumn" like pumpkins. They make wonderful decorations September through November and look great just sitting around on the porch. They add a splash of color and are inexpensive.

§ A basket full of different types of gourds looks great on the front porch by the door. These, too, are inexpensive and provide a variety of Fall colors for visitors to enjoy as they pass through your door.

§ Fallen Autumn leaves are so lovely (especially maple leaves)! Rake up some of those pretty leaves into a bushel basket and enjoy them on your porch!

§ Those fallen leaves are also great to collect for wreath-making. Use grapevine or straw wreaths to decorate your porch. Hot glue some different colors of falls leaves around the wreaths and add a pretty bow.

§ Terra cotta pots filled with fall flowers make great porch decorations. Add small decorative items, such as scarecrows, mini pumpkins or gourds, or hanging Halloween ornaments for a neat "Booquet"!

§ Tie two or three cobs of decorative multi-colored corn together and hang on your front porch. (Unfortunately, when this type of corn is available, it doesn't last very long. Get it while you can! It can usually be found in supermarkets.)

Indoor Decorating:

§ A fireplace is always great to decorate for the seasons. Scattered Fall leaves, some pumpkins, or a pretty basket full of Autumn flowers sitting around the hearth are definite attention grabbers!

§ Do you have space above your kitchen cabinets? This area is great for decorating, especially if you change things seasonally. Adding gourds and smaller pumpkins, along with some pretty leafy Autumn garland above your kitchen cabinets will perk up your Fall spirit!

§ How about something simple: add a festive Fall tablecloth to your dining room or kitchen table. If a tablecloth is too fancy, a seasonal change of placemats is fun and inexpensive.

§ A neat decorative touch: hollow out several mini pumpkins and use them as votive holders. Remember, never leave burning candles unattended!

§ A cornucopia or "horn of plenty" is an eye-catching centerpiece on the dining room table. Decorative cornucopias come in a variety of styles and materials and can be found at most craft stores. Use a grapevine cornucopia and fill with a variety of Fall faux fruits and veggies (so you can display it again each year!). A wicker or rattan basket filled with faux fruits and veggies looks great, too!

§ Add pretty Fall floral rings to your taper candles. Floral rings come in several sizes and styles (to fit different candle diameters) and are also great for use as napkin rings; and for hanging over door knobs and on individual candle arm bases of chandelier and sconce types of lighting fixtures.






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