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From The Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton ...


Plum Pudding

1 1/2 lbs. raisins
1/2 lb. of currants
1/2 lb. mixed peel
3/4 lb. bread crumbs
3/4 lb. suet
8 eggs
1 wineglassful of brandy
Use some brandy to plump the fruit. Lightly flour the suet while mincing it and lightly dredge the currants and raisins; it keeps the suet and fruit from sticking to itself, and the fruit from sinking to the bottom. Eggs are beaten into a froth. Fold the combined dry ingredients into the eggs and brandy. Put mixture in a clean, lightly floured cloth bag, knotting the top around a long wooden spoon. Suspend it in a kettle of boiling water five or six hours. A mold may yield a somewhat prettier pudding, but a bag gives better results. If you use a mold or don't suspend the bag, put an inverted plate in the bottom to keep the pudding from burning and sticking.

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